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Do I really need a rabbit-pattern pyjama?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Wherever you look, you are bombarded with all kinds of products or services.

Convincing ads pop up everywhere and the moment your attention is gone, you find yourself buying the next new thing. If you don’t order that rabbit pattern pyjama, you might lose a discount for a pair of dachshund-printed socks that all your friends have, so you better hurry. Not to mention only today offered a masterclass with the inevitable certificate to be added to your already established certification collection on your wall. But don’t get fooled, that certificate expires next year, and you need another one to extend it. Never-ending story….it seems that the fear of missing out (FOMO) does a really good job.

What if you pause and ask yourself:

Do I really need this?

A while ago during one of our exploration sessions, we asked business co-owners about their marketing strategy for the next 6 months. One of them said: “Oh, I want to focus on Instagram.” That’s great, but why Instagram and not Facebook, for example? We asked. The answer: “Because our competitors are on Insta and we don’t want to miss new Instagram features.“

During a getting-to-know session, we often realize that clients’ wants and their actual business needs are not aligned.

Frequently the root cause is the lack of understanding of their current business model, which leads to missing growth opportunities in digital. Why does that happen?

It is because most digital services today are focused on boosting only a few segments of online businesses. And due to their convincing ads and competitors’ influence, many companies literally copy-paste each other’s digital business model, fearing missing out on something along the way. What they actually end up missing is the unique business expression that would make them stand out and ultimately drive their success.

Today's offer of goods and services is incredible, but its downside lies in distinguishing needs from wants. Uncovering what adds real value to your life and what is meaningful to you will help you define your true needs as opposed to wants or desires, that are usually imposed by society.

To understand yourself and your business better, the essential is to start asking questions. Look attentively at the product or service you offer, or which you intend to purchase and ask yourself: If I had this product/service right now, what value would it add to my life or business?

Am I unique or am I merely copying someone else? Am I afraid of missing something?

Questions like that can help you make conscious choices, instead of automatic choices based on collective habitual thinking.

The habit of questioning is crucial in today’s world of too many and too much.

It clears up your way to what is really important and meaningful to you, both in your private and professional life. On top of that, it also serves you as a time and money saver.

So next time when you see our ad, ask yourself: Would the services of these guys add value to my online business?

We’ll be happy to honor your curiosity and answer your questions. Be prepared, we’ll have a lot of questions for you too :)

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