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Like DNA

After a few drinks and a chat coupled with a few clumsy dance tryouts, I decided to go out with a guy I met in the disco two days ago. And here I am, impatiently waiting for him at the usual dating spot on the main square.

I am trying hard to recognize his face in the coming crowd before he sees me. Honestly, I don’t remember very well how he looks partially because of the dark atmosphere in the disco, but also because I was focused more on his weird stories than on his outlook. All I remember is that he is tall and kind of handsome in a strange way.

To my disappointment, once I spot him, my remembered image of him does not match reality at all. I want to disappear.

Oh gosh, what should I do? Should I stay or should I go now? Not another terrible date?

I am standing stuck when I hear his unexpectedly pleasant voice saying Hi! I am mumbling something like Hi! too. Despite his promising tone of voice, I instantly make up a story of my sick cat, explaining why I, unfortunately, need to leave. One little lie to help me disappear at the speed of light from a potentially disastrous date. I have actually never had a cat, just dogs (one of which was pretty much healthy at that time). Somehow a cat was a better fit for that instant story.

Luckily, today you can do a pre-check online. You can screen all kinds of data about your potential dating partner. From interests, hobbies, and education to work experience, and friends, before even meeting or talking to him or her. In comparison to my story from a while ago”, having such a large amount of information today literally seems like aperson’s DNA. A true lifesaver, I would say.

On the other hand, it sounds a bit scary knowing that many of one’s interests, preferences as well as personal data, date of birth, age, country of origin, and much other information actually stay anchored somewhere in cyberspace. And more often than not, without a person’s actual consent and not considering everyone’s right to stay anonymous or become forgotten.

It refers to anyone’s personal data. Yours, one of your life partners, and those of your clients too.

One’s personal data are indeed like DNA. The question is: Are those data safely protected?

Data protection privacy laws like GDPR and many others are here to protect your invaluable personal data while you are off or online so that they can be used ethically and for the purposes, you agree with.

How do you handle your or your client's data when it comes to online business?

Do you have all the required privacy notes in your legal policies?

Get in touch with us for more guidelines! We might tell you more funny stories about our team members :D

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