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Wired To Fragments

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

What do you think of when you hear the word Society?

  • Greed for more success/money?

  • Collective unhappiness?

  • Separation?

  • End of the world as we know it? (perhaps, not yet)

Truth to be told, if you asked me the same question, my first thoughts would go around those lines too. They usually appear after I read the latest news of the world, 90% of which are negative energy catchers. Not something to cling to, although many of us do so.

On the other hand, the word society also sparks a lot of beautiful associations. Like a friendly group of people, harmony, peace, playing music for positive change…the list could go on and onThose positive images tend to pop up in our minds when we feel generally good.

We are wired to perceive ourselves and the world around us in fragments, depending on how we feel internally. Very often we hold a fixed dualistic perspective, such as good or bad, but we rarely see the world as a whole from many different angles.

This universal truth – humans having a partial, one-sided view on things - applies not only to our physical reality which we could call the “traditional” world, but to its digital side too.

Digital marketing.

Bragging posts on social media.

Stocking ads everywhere.

Those are some of the first thoughts people usually have when they hear the word digital. I was not the exception. I had the same perception of digital a few years ago when I was starting my online coaching practice. However, after I got a comprehensive and deeper understanding of it, I realised that my perspective was very selective. I was missing the broader picture of digital and possibilities for growth as a result.

Whatever the setting, traditional or digital, our perspective determines the way we perceive the world. It determines our energy and focus we put into our daily life. Furthermore, it determines our thoughts and actions.

As we start thinking differently, we relate to the world with a different attitude – and that changes our perspective. The broader the perspective, the more knowledge, wisdom, and overall a more meaningful way of living.

But why do our selective “lenses” have so much power over us?! Can we change that?

What if we pause for a moment, take a deep breath (yes, you can do that even while reading this text), and allow ourselves to open up to a holistic view of things?

What would our traditional and digital worlds look like then?

Some interesting images are popping up in my mind already. How about you?

Stay tuned for another topic.

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