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Let's face it

Everyone has a RIGHT TO PRIVACY, therefore GDPR is not optional.

If your company handles the personal information of people in the EU, then you must comply with the GDPR, no matter where your business is based in the world.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a ground-breaking privacy law that regulates how companies collect, handle & protect the personal data of individuals in the EU. In today's form, it came into effect in May 2018.

Tailor-made Legal Policies

Our GDPR-proof legal policies contain privacy notes to ensure commercial benefits, employee safety, limit & reduce both cost and reputational damage to your online business.

Terms of Use of Web

With Terms of Use, your company complies with GDPR privacy law by informing users of how they can use your website. Our version of this agreement is adjusted to businesses with representational website types. This type of website serves as a window to your business, without the possibility to purchase products- services directly through the website (e-commerce).

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions allow business owners to set their rules for how they handle users' personal data and do their business within applicable law. Among other, they regulate how products-services can be purchased via their website, intellectual property rights, age limits, shipping and return policy governing law, etc.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are legally required under most countries’ legislations. They protect and inform your users of what, how, and why their personal data are handled. They declare your compliance with GDPR in a legally binding way.

Cookie policy

Like labels on food packaging – a cookie policy is a common legal requirement for most websites and is mandatory under the GDPR. It informs users of how the user device's footprints - called "cookies" - are managed when users navigate your website.

How to comply with
3 steps formula?


Make sure that decision-makers in your company are aware of the importance of GDPR compliance.


Create/maintain records for all processing activities and document all personal data you hold, where it came from and whom you share it with via your website.

Privacy notices

Create/Review your online legal documents - policies to ensure they are GDPR compliant. And that's the moment when we jump in :).

Why is it essential
to comply with GDPR?

High costs of court procedures

in case you get sued for not being compliant.



The risk of hefty penalties

for non-compliance that can be up to 4% of your global turnover.

Delay in your sales cycle

According to Cisco's studies, if your company is not fully compliant, you could be experiencing an average delay of 5.4 weeks in your sales cycle.

Customer confidence

act as an example of an ethically aware business in the privacy domain and use it as a differentiator from your competitors.



If you treat personal data as your customer's personal belongings, you are far more likely to keep that customer happy.

- Nicola McCormick

Why do you need personalized legal policies?


They fit your specific business model and industry


They are made in collaboration with digital, marketing, sales, tech and legal experts


They are aligned to tech side of your website


They are not a product of a quick-fix instant templates and generators


They guarantee GDPR and EU business lex compliance


They will make your brand accountable and secure as much as possible.

The content of this website cannot be regarded as legal advice, nor can any rights be derived from it.

Become GDPR compliant

Order your custom-fit legal policies today

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